Shanti Mandir

Shanti Mandir was established by Gurudev Swami Nityananda to carry on the work of his teacher Baba Muktananda, inspiring people around the world to practice meditation and the yoga of self-knowledge. Shanti Mandir has three ashrams where all are welcome to practice the teachings. Shanti Mandir also has three established charities to serve needy communities. To learn more about Shanti Mandir go to



An ashram is a place of refuge, usually removed from urban life, where spiritual, yogic disciplines are pursued. An integral part of the ancient spiritual tradition of India, its atmosphere can give even the casual visitor a deep sense of peace and renewal. Shanti Mandir has three ashrams;

  • Magod, Gujarat India

  • Kankhal, Haridwar, Uttarakhand India

  • Walden, New York State USA


Charitable works

Shanti Mandir regularly carries out activities and events to serve needy communities, especially those near its ashrams in India. These activities include feeding large numbers of people; preventive and curative health; literacy and scriptural education; and teaching and fostering income-generating activities. Shanti Mandir’s charitable activities are conducted by three organizations:


Shanti Mandir in Australia

The on-going Shanti Mandir Satsang programs in Australia include chanting and meditation, practices which open the heart to bliss. Go to the Calendar tab each month to find out when and where these satsang programs are held. You can also keep in touch with all the Shanti Mandir activities in Australia via our Facebook Page @ShantiMandirAustralia From there you can join a group that relates to your location and receive notifications of satsang activities local to you.